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3 Methods for Defining Your SEO Content Needs

SEO Content Needs

Posted by ThinSquare ON Saturday , 23 Jan 2016 No Comments

Visitors expect the most up-to-date and fresh content that is useful to them. Search engines offer you the detail and complete information that are you searching for. However, updating your site everyday and adding some new information, articles, news and trends will help you to get noticed by the search engines. And your visitors will love your fresh and informative content.

Although, writing an article is the most effective way to build up content for your website. But, sometime writers are creating the content, just for the sake of creating content this is really a bad strategy and a waste of time. Before creating any content, it is imperative to know what your audience is looking for. For this you have to pay attention on three major crucial areas.

Analyze Search Results
Undoubtedly, “Content is a king” and it is really a great idea to promote your brand by posting a good content. But, before posting the content, there are some questions which you should check thoroughly. Such as: do you really know that people are looking for such type of content? Do you know how they would be looking for that content?
And one of the best way to get a better picture of your content needs is to check your search engine results. By which you can easily come to know what type of strategy you must attain, for obtaining a good position in the Google Algorithm.

Evaluate Existing Content
If you want to know your customer’s need, first you should know the every single detail about the buyer’s journey and in what particular field your customers are showing their keen interest. And one of the best ways of doing this is evaluating a content which is in very great demand on the website. Using analytics you can identify what content resonates best, how much your clients are interacting with your site and what they are seeing before making a purchase or filling out a form.

You can evaluate your content in two ways:
Funnel Analysis: Google Analytics has the ability to conversion funnels. Once you set your conversions, you get to know how visitors are moving through a site and where they are dropping their conversion rate.

Bounce Rate: People usually consider bounce rate as a bad metric, but it can be really helpful when you want to know how your content is performing in SERPs.

These two tools are very beneficial for us; they are not only providing us information, but also help us start to see how our content is performing and what we should do to make it better.

Access Customer Needs
As we discuss earlier that understanding your customer needs is very crucial for your business prospective. There are multifarious ways to gather the information of your clients.

Customer Surveys: We all are aware about this fact, that customers are the biggest assets to marketers, so it is obvious they want to feel valued. One way to show their value is through conducting an online survey or you can either run on-site polls by using tools like KISS Metrics. With these you can easily gather your customer’s feedback which helps you to create an effective content.

Live Chat: Live chat is biggest assests to content creation, as it involves:

* Frequently asked question
* Missing Information
* Keyword Phrases
* Website Problems
* Misleading Content

Through this you can find the hidden content from the people, which they genuinely want.

By combining these three strategies, you can easily create an informative and coveted content which your targeted audience is looking for. Creating a successful content strategy is definitely not an easy task, it requires efforts and true understanding of what your users want.