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10 Big Facebook Ad Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid..

Facebook ads

Posted by ThinSquare ON Wednesday , 30 Aug 2017 No Comments

Facebook is a profitable and cost-effective market used for advertising both existing and new customers. These days, a large number of business owners promote their business using Facebook Live.

The actual process of right Facebook advertising is quite difficult. Some organizations don’t understand the right process and end up with poorly optimized adds on Facebook. Therefore, you must be aware of the most common Facebook Add mistakes, in case you are managing promotions on your own.
Some of the biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes which you must avoid are-

1. Not Understanding Ad Objective
Setting a marketing objective is a first basic step which is essential for creating an ad on Facebook. For choosing a right objective from different available objectives, first of all, decide the end-goal for the ad. Selecting a wrong objective will not only send you down the wrong path in the ad management but also results in spending money on something which you must not.

2. Targeting the Wrong audience
One of the best components which you must use to get a successful ad campaign is to target audience. You can make it possible with help of platform’s intuitive audience tool. using this tool, you can make a choice about whom you want to display your ad.

3. Advertising to people who already purchased your products-
This happens too often. For avoiding this problem, make sure to go through these below-mentioned points-
Go through offers which you will be going to promote in your ad.
Avoid those who already purchased your products by creating a list of them.
You can also use the custom audience option to exclude these individuals from seeing your ad.

4. Neglecting the importance of Images-
Always choose the image which will be appropriate for your Facebook ad because images are responsible for 75 to 90 percent of ad performance.
Users usually get attracted to attractive images relevant to the services which they are looking for. If they found image appropriate, only then further they read the content.

5. Too much text on the images
You must always be careful about the text which you place on the image. Always place relevant and to the point content. Placing too much content on the image will not only decrease conversions but also you need to pay more money for it. Therefore, always focus on quality rather than focusing on quantity.

6. Choose catchy and appropriate headlines-
Make sure headline of your ad must be catchy and attractive. Headlines which consist 40 or less than 40 characters get successful in receiving more engagement. So, make sure to focus on headlines which consist characters less than 40.

7. Having no clear value propositions-
Your Facebook ad should have right value propositions. For ensuring that your ad must have a value proposition, focus on Clear and easy to understand content, communicate results which a user will get from purchasing your product or services. Also, don’t forget to explain, explain how your product is different or better than the competitions.

8. Forgetting to Use Facebook Pixels
Facebook Ad pixels are an amazing way to measure results on the website. Using these Facebook pixels, you can improve the quality of your Facebook Ad.
Three essential benefits of using Pixels are-
Optimize your ads for conversions
Building custom audiences from your website so you can re-market to them
Track conversion on your website or event page and attribute them to your ads

9. Not adding captions to video ads
According to one survey, 80% of people reacted negatively to both the platform and advertiser when a video automatically plays with sound. Facebook found that 41% of videos were essentially meaningless without sound, effort, rendering the time, and cost you put. Typo graphing and captioning your video ads is helpful in increasing view time. Therefore, make sure to add proper captions on the video for ensuring its quality.

10. Delivering ad when no one is online
Adjust the delivery time for your ad for getting appropriate results. Don’t waste your budget on low traffic times. Make sure to deliver your add when the targeting audiences are online. For this, you can choose specific day and time.
Use these above-mentioned tips for avoiding mistakes which you had in your past. These above-mentioned tips will surely help you to save your time and money.